Simple Complex Deli



Simple Complex deli is a neighborhood sandwich shop housed within The ‘Field Marketfeaturing tasty gourmet-ish sandwiches, house-made seasonal salads, hummus, and freshly sliced-to-order meats and cheeses. For us, a sandwich isn’t just a protein delivery device, it’s a way of life! Stop in and see what makes us different.



We also enjoy preparing meals for your special events, because who wants to cook for their own party??? We have a list of suggestions from previous events, but tell us what you’d like and we’ll figure it out! Pricing varies based on availability and seasonality of ingredients.



Even though we might like to try, man cannot live on meats and cheeses alone. For us, salads aren’t just a collection of green things. We take the same approach to our house-made salads and hummus varieties that we take with our sandwiches… Simple, fresh ingredients mixed daily for complex, savory and sweet flavors.